Easy Snip Plant Trimming Scissors




Easy Snip Scissors

Easy Snip Scissors have been designed for maximum comfort and ease of use with its spring loaded action meaning the blades open with ease after each cut and allows the scissors to be used without becoming uncomfortable and causing cramp.

Produced using high grade stainless steel with soft rubber grips for maximum comfort. These high quality trimming scissors really do make a difference to the speed and ease of trimming your plants. Leaving a higher quality finished product.

The blades are razor sharp and the high quality chrome plated stainless steel means the Easy Snip Scissors are resistant to resin and sap corrosion keeping the blades as sharp as they were when you bought them for much longer.

Easy SnipEasy Snip Plant Trimming Scissors scissors are suitable for all applications and are suitable for trimming all types of plants and vegetables.

Available in straight or curved blades. Straight for trimming, curved for pruning.

The ultimate trimming scissor! Can be used on soft stems up to 1cm maximum width.

If you need to trim your plant, manage crop growth, take cuttings or remove fruits and flowers these are the perfect tool for you.

Easy Snip Scissors – Key Points:

  • Spring loaded for easy of use
  • Rubber grips for comfort
  • High quality chrome plated stainless steel blades for superior sharpness
  • Available in Straight or Curved Blades


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