Superplant Metal Halide 400W

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Superplant Metal Halide 400w

The SUPER MH 400W by SUPERPLANT Metal halide releasing 39.800 lumens.

Super reliable replacement lamps. superplant lamps are tailored to promote optimum development at each plant growth stage. The powerplant arc tube dosing technology achieves more usable light energy without sacrificing the intensity or lamp life.

Benefits of superplant Lamps:
* Efficiency -superplant lamps provide more lumens per watt than other lamps.
* Flexible Retrofit – Both superplant HPS and superplant MH are designed to run on the same control gear.
* Safety – No over-running of the lamp, these lamps are specifically designed to run on the one set of HPS gear as supplied in PowerPlant ballasts.
* Cost Effective – One set of gear saves you money!
Emitting a lot of blue light, the superplant Metal Halide 400w Lamp promotes healthy, green growth and gives your plants every chance during propagation.

The blue light is essential for improving the results from your plants’ vegetative cycle, promoting lush, green growth.

These lamps are also ideal for keeping your mother plants healthy.

They are incredibly efficient, producing more power per watt than most


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